Database Administration.

Labyrinth IT Services provides a whole range of Database Administration services suitable for small to medium size enterprises. Covering Installation, Configuration, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Performance Tuning and everything in between, we can keep your data safe and secure.










When something breaks you don't want to waste your time trying to fix it. Instead, call on our experienced consultants to repair the problem quickly and efficiently. From PC issues to server failure, we have trained consultants who can get you working again with a minimum of fuss.














Service Monitoring.

If your business depends on having a functioning website, then downtime can cost you dearly. Our monitoring system can monitor your website, ensuring that all the major components are running correctly, and provide an immediate alert if something is found to be broken.









Web Design and Hosting.

We provide Website and Email hosting packages suitable for any company wanting to have a stable internet presence.

We can also provide customised website design, as well as off-the-shelf websites using a number of content management systems which give you complete control.















Labyrinth IT Services provides both standard training courses and customised, targeted training and coaching.

We specialise in training related to Relational Database Technologies and their application.









Application Development.

Using Internet-Based technologies,we are able to provide low cost, customised application development to help you better run your business.

Internet-based technologies support scaleable applications that will easily scale as the number of people using them increases.






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